Huffman Prairie Collection

Waxed Canvas Luggage

Rugged and durable.


Where the hard work got done. And the adventure begins.

The Wright brothers developed their airplane in Dayton. First flew in North Carolina. But it was on a farm at Huffman Prairie where the real work got done. Because of the Wright brothers, man can now fly across the country, or across the planet.

Huffman Prairie waxed canvas flight bag open

Bold adventure. Pack for it.

It’s not just a suitcase or a travel bag. You’ve got uncommon places to go. Carry on.

Overnight or overseas.

The construction is a favorite choice from Maine to Sedona. Built for your distinct, determined character.


Rugged construction.

Martexin waxed canvas with oil tanned antique leather trim. Built for what breaks lesser bags. Be first; it’s built to last, improves with age.

The Wright Brothers™ Handcrafted in the USA

Stewards of the legacy.
The first name in aviation fashion.

No one else has The Wright Brothers logo—inspired by the first set of wings that carried man into the air, and into history. Royalties support The Wright Brothers Family Foundation.