Wright Brothers flight

Did you know August 19th is National Aviation Day?

Visionary United States President Franklin Delano Roosevelt proclaimed August 19, 1939 the first National Aviation Day. Roosevelt chose the date because it is also Orville Wright’s birthday. While not a public holiday it has remained a federal observance ever since to honor the importance of aviation.

From the day of Orville’s first flight in 1903 the world has changed in myriad ways, many of them directly related to aviation. We frequently hear talk of globalization and the world getting smaller. Human flight was a tremendous driver of this phenomenon and the many related ones that have accompanied it. Be for business, pleasure, science, or service, aviation has opened doors to people, cultures, and solutions that otherwise would have remained closed.

Trade has been expanded. Vacationers have seen corners of the world previously only accessible by books. Cultures have been documented and bonds of friendship have been forged across them. Health care and emergency assistance have been delivered more rapidly to developing areas in good times and in times of crisis. All thanks to aviation.

And beyond all of that we have satellites orbiting the planet doing incredible things. Humans have walked on the moon. Spacecraft explore the edge of our solar system and beyond. All of these developments were triggered by the Wright brothers’ first flight. So Aviation Day is a special day for us here at The Wright Brothers™. And our celebration includes sharing our aviation-inspired products with you.

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