Aviation Day has something in common with french fries

Did you know that August 19 is National Aviation Day, and fast-food french fries are a better source of potassium than a banana? What?

We know what you’re thinking, and it’s true. August 19th is National Aviation Day.

National Aviation Day is not a Federal national holiday, but rather an observance to celebrate the history of aviation. In 1939, President Roosevelt proclaimed National Aviation Day in celebration of the incredible history and growth of innovation of aviation in the United States. The day he chose was August 19, in honor of Orville Wright’s birthday.

Orville Wright was still alive for the initial proclamation, and lived to celebrate National Aviation Day eight more times.

Aviation was booming in 1939; American invention and ingenuity was producing new world air speed and distance records, airlines were founded and growing, and the U.S. was seeking new ways to beef up aviation’s role in national defense.

So, on this National Aviation Day, we invite you to check out one of the over 250 museums, parks, and monuments dedicated to aviation and aviation history throughout the United States, including

If your legs get tired after spending your day exploring multiple museums and historical sites, potassium has been found to help protect against muscle cramps. And research from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service indicates that fast-food french fries have a high potassium content. An average serving of fries contains 579 mg of potassium—compared with 358 mg in an average banana.*

You see, some online research indicates that August 19 is also National Potato Day. And to tie potatoes in with aviation on this day, potatoes were the first food to grow in space. Potato plants were taken aboard the space shuttle Columbia on STS73 in October, 1995.

Celebrate National Aviation Day, and show your aviation history chops. There are plenty of historical-aviation-themed tees available at West Third at Williams at The Wright Brothers Store. It’s where history was made.

(*Fast-food french fries are found to contain more potassium than baked potatoes with skin, cooked spinach, oven-baked french fries, baked potatoes without skin, and cooked broccoli. Learn more about potatoes at http://www.nationalpotatocouncil.org/)

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