History of aviator sunglasses

Did you know the history of aviator sunglasses?

Fashion trends come and go, but some items are just always “in.” Aviator sunglasses are a perfect example. But they aren’t just stylish; they provide valuable protection for your eyes as well. A forerunner to aviator sunglasses was made way back in 1876 and offered blue, amber, pink, and smoke lens tints.

After the turn of the century and the Wright brothers’ first flight the number of pilots grew rapidly. Their need for eye protection as well as enhanced vision and comfort was clear. In 1917 Protector glasses featuring smoked lenses, rubber edges, and an elastic headband became the choice of Italian Military flyers. Featuring the familiar teardrop shape, the Protectors were the original aviator sunglasses and were soon adopted by the U.S. Army Air Corp. Racecar drivers and motorcyclists became fans as well.

In 1936 Bausch & Lomb created a new generation of aviator sunglasses with polarized lenses and a more streamlined look that quickly became very popular with military pilots, film stars, and the general public as well. Because vision and eye protection are so important, over the years the U.S. military has done extensive research to develop specifications for military aviator sunglasses. In the 1960s military pilots began to opt for a more rectangular shaped lens and some followed their lead while others stuck with the teardrop shaped lens.

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