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Flight #46. To be specific, the last photographed flight of 1905. Flight #46 covered 20-3/4 miles in 33 minutes and 17 seconds. Proved the concepts of practical and controlled flight.

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The Wright Family's Hawthorn Hill family home in Oakwood

In early 1912, the brothers bought 17 acres of land in Oakwood, a suburb of Dayton. The brothers and their sister Katharine worked together on the design of the new house. Tragically, Wilbur died from typhoid fever on May 30, 1912 just before construction began. He was 45 years old. in April 1914, Orville, Katharine and the Bishop moved into the house.

Support the Wright brothers’ legacy

A percentage of the license royalties from the sale of The Wright Brothers® merchandise goes to The Wright Brothers Family Foundation, whose focus is on preservation of Hawthorn Hill, the Wright brothers’ family home in the Oakwood suburb of Dayton, and on promoting the hometown legacy of the Wright brothers while supporting various aviation heritage causes worldwide.

Place a visit to Dayton on your bucket list and explore the Birthplace of Aviation. The National Aviation Heritage Area (NAHA) includes various Wright brothers sites including the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park, Dayton History, Woodland Historic Cemetery & Arboretum, Wright B Flyer, Inc, Wright State University Wright Archives and more.