The Wright brothers wind tunnel

The Wright wind tunnel

Did you know the Wright brothers’ success in engineering instruments for their wind tunnel led to the dedication of the MIT Wright Brothers Wind Tunnel in 1938? It is another example of how the Wright brothers inspired others and their breakthroughs laid a foundation for the successes of those following their path.

The Wright Brothers Wind Tunnel (WBWT) is so remarkable it is said it has only been tested once at maximum capacity because the noise it caused in neighboring downtown Boston was a bit overwhelming. During WWII the WBWT was used extensively for design development testing of planes critical to the Allied war effort. And today students of Flight Dynamics, Engineering, Aerodynamics, etc. find the tunnel an invaluable research aid. Ideas promising quieter and more fuel-efficient planes are tested in the tunnel, The Wright Brothers proprietary wind tunnel lining helping the future of flight to become greener.

With such an impressive history, we’ve given a nod to the Wrights’ wind tunnel in styling many of our products. The simplicity and sophistication in the original wind tunnel, largely Orville’s creation, inspired the design of the proprietary pattern used in our brand materials and our satin lining. In our flight jackets, luggage, and cases, you will see the woven satin wind tunnel-patterned lining unique to The Wright Brothers brand.

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